“If you’d like to come and visit, just give us a call!”

Our facility which is located on approximately twelve acres, boasts a full size indoor arena and a huge outdoor sand arena.

Our main barn has 20 plus 12 x 12 stalls that are deeply bedded with shavings for added comfort.

Regular turnout is provided for extra exercise and mental freshness.

High quality hay and grain are fed to each horse based on their individual needs.

We are driven to providing the very best care for our client’s horses during their stay at Double S.

Working Cow Horse

At Double S Quarter Horses we embrace the traditional vaquero training techniques used to develop the most highly schooled cowhorse, the bridle horse.  The training progression usually begins in a snaffle, moving into a hackamore, then the two-rein and finally the bridle.
This slow, thorough method of training takes years to help a horse achieve his maximum level of performance with skills appropriate to either ranch work or the competitive arena.

Our training program produces skills required for both reined work and cow work. Horses are able to gain confidence and prowess on live
cattle and our hydrabull.

New to Ranch Riding?

At Double S Quarter Horses we strive to produce happy horses with practical western horsemanship skills. The ranch riding is a really good fit for us and what we have always been about.

In competition each entry works individually, performing a prescribed pattern demonstrating all gaits (walk, trot, extended trot, lope, extended lope) with emphasis on forward motion.  Optional maneuvers can be anything that one might reasonably encounter doing ranch work. The horse should demonstrate the versatility, attitude and movement of a working ranch horse and be relaxed, quiet, soft and cadenced at all gaits.

Ranch riding is a fun class that takes us back to the original roots of the working western horse. We are pursuing this in the other ranch horse versatility classes as well.  It is all about a well trained, yet natural horse that is happy to do his job!